Working with Julie is an incredibly eye-opening experience. I became an ambulatory quadriplegic when I injured my spinal cord in an accident years ago. Having been a dance before that I was struggling to accept the dance career I once aspired towards was over. Julie helped me discover the catalogue of emotions I was holding in my body. Becoming aware of this really helped me see just how badly it was affecting my mobility and my ability to move forward in my life. With knowledge of where my emotions were being stored and the proper exercises specifically needed to release them has been mind-blowing. I have felt a significant shift in the way my body moves through the world along with being in tune with my emotions and how the two work together. After my accident, I did not think I could ever attain my dancer life again. In working with Julie, that life seems possible again.
— Nicole M.
I can’t say enough great things about Julie. 

First of all, if you are experiencing any type of pain or tightness in your body, Julie will help solve it — especially chronic pain! For a while, I was experiencing daily headaches, hip and knee pain, and intense shoulder and neck tension. I started seeing Julie and not only was relieved of much of my chronic pain, but also learned so much about the workings of my body — how I was sitting, how I was moving — that I have been able to get rid of the headaches and significantly decrease neck/shoulder/back tension. Julie is warm, knowledgeable, approachable, down-to-earth, intuitive, and all-around brilliant when it comes to working with the body. I have been able to take the tools she’s given me and work out at home with great results, finding that I not only experience less pain, but I am also growing leaner and stronger.
— Terry S.
I initially went to Julie when I won a free session for a private pilates instruction almost a year ago. Since then I’ve had all of her services and she’s been amazing for my body AND mind!  My favorite is the fascia release massage as it has helped my overall pain and body movement.  It is unlike anything I’ve had before!  Yet, I look forward to additional sessions of Reiki and Pilates as well to learn how to think and move better.Julie is an extremely smart and dedicated practitioner. She is always asking questions while also observing. I like to understand the “why” and the “how” things work.  She has helped me understand how my own body moves and why it sometimes get “stuck.” I can’t recommend her highly enough. Make an appointment, you won’t be disappointed.
— Lauren C.
I started working with Julie Turner hoping to transform my body; I had no idea that my heart & my spirit would be invited along for the ride too. Each session has brought me closer to true balance both in my body & in my life. I find myself applying what we’ve worked on together to an infinitely varied array of situations or issues day to day, & her instruction continues to resonate in such surprising & helpful ways. Working with Julie is one of the best things I’ve ever done for myself- mind, soul, & (yes, most definitely) body!
— Bellamy Y.
Julie Turner is simply amazing. I started seeing her earlier this year but I’d been hearing rave reviews from my sister and other friends. I didn’t go because I’m really not a “woo-woo” person so if you’d told me I would be going to a Reiki or energy healer, I would’ve said you were crazy. But I’m a writer and I was experiencing creative blocks and I figured it couldn’t hurt to try something outside my comfort zone. I am so glad I did because Julie is amazing. She’s so attuned to your body, really honing in on the pain and emotional blocks you have and helping release them. She also has such insightful advice on how to address those issues and work through them. When I left our first session, I instantly felt lighter and freer. My other experiences with Julie have been equally helpful and I always feel like I discover something new about my self. I have recommended at least half a dozen people to her and started giving sessions as gifts. If you’re feeling stuck or need a creative or emotional recharge, you should definitely book with Julie!
— Hollie O.
Julie is so amazing! I’ve been a client of hers for over 5 years. She has taught me so much about my body and movement. Sometimes we do pilates, sometimes she does myofascial release, sometimes we do both! She can tailor each session to what you need that day and overall. So if you like to sweat, you’ll sweat. If you need to heal from an injury, she’ll make sure you are recovering in the safest way possible. She always sends me off with easy to do at home exercises to enhance our session work. And I always look 3 inches longer and taller when I walk out the door. Book a session with this lady- you and she are worth it!
— Colleen B.
I’ve been going to Julie for Reiki for about a year and have referred multiple friends to her (and those friends have referred their friends and so on), and I cannot say enough how incredibly fascinating and impressive Julie’s work is. I didn’t know what to expect the first time I went to a session and was pretty closed off emotionally, but then as I got to know Julie - I felt very comfortable and allowed myself to open up, and that’s when the really amazing/insane experiences started to happen. She was able to see things and tell me things that were going on currently and talk about things from my past, and she has ultimately helped me heal. It may sound LA woo woo to someone who has never done this kind of thing, but it is really something to consider. Julie is a lovely person and has an incredible gift. I highly recommend her.
— Angie P.
Julie really is brilliant. I knew Julie was worth sticking with 90 seconds into our first session.  She actually used her eyes and watched what was happening in my body and treated it not like an illustration in a textbook but the infinitely complex and unique system that it is.  She has an incredible eye for how a body is moving, and she pays attention.  Her verbal cues were unlike any other I’d encountered and helped me make neurological connections to muscles that I had somehow been unable to conjure with my old systems and techniques.  She combines a remarkable technical knowledge of anatomy with a level of intuition that I have yet to find in anyone I have worked with to fix the way my body moves (and the way my mind moves it).  I’ve been battling compounded skateboarding injuries (among many other things) for almost a decade now.  I had finally found help in a posture therapy program, and over the course of 2 years and many hours of work, education, self-examination, and professional help, I managed to bring myself to a point where standing for 5 minutes wasn’t causing me pain.  Then, in the final stages of my rehabilitation, a heavy handed, fairly insensitive, formulaic, and primitively reductionist physical therapist who masqueraded as a wizard of the body dealt me a very painful and debilitating rib injury that put me out of work and out of my right mind for months.  (I’m sure he has his virtues, but I knew his inauthenticity while I was on his table, I sensed his character instantly—I agreed to the session simply to indulge the person who recommended him to me: “It can’t hurt, and maybe some incidental improvement can be wrought” I thought).  As anyone who’s been down this road understands, no injury happens in isolation.  The injury to my rib compromised my newfound and hard-fought habits of movement and left me limping around and battling my shoulder pain worse than I had ever before.  I tried rehabilitating myself the way I had before; if I had done it once, I could do it again.  I had learned a lot about the body and my body over the years.  But it seemed some new variable that I couldn’t identify deductively or intuitively had been introduced to the equation. I found Julie by luck after seeing a few people who, like so many who I’d seen before, simply weren’t paying attention to my BODY.  They were paying attention to something I’d told them, or something they thought might help, or something that is supposed to help X condition, or the patient they’d fixed before who had complained of a similar set of pains—all the while failing to use their eyes, as it seemed to me.  The fact is, words and diagnostics fail to accurately represent the reality and complexity of any PARTICULAR manifestation of dysfunction in any PARTICULAR body.  The human body-mind-system is one of the most complex objects of study we have ever put our minds to, and to prematurely attempt to reduce it to simple categorical syllogisms, though conceptually helpful, is ultimately to blind yourself to its ever-surprising realities.  I have had all too many disengaged practitioners mindlessly diagnosing and prescribing under these lazy operational principles.  Julie doesn’t do that.  What a relief!So anyway. That was long-winded. See Julie.
— Peter W.
Trainer, coach and now a good friend... I’m so grateful to have met Julie Turner in early 2015! Julie has a very unique personalized approach to training. With her, it’s not just about fitness and training but a focus on holistic well-being. The coaching add-on that comes with her fitness training packages is a great tool to overcome hurdles in the way of training and diet goals. I’m very happy with the progress I’ve made towards my fitness and health goals. I highly recommend Julie for anyone looking to invest in their overall health and fitness in a sustainable way.
— Garima T.