Private Pilates

$125.00/60 mins. 


Dreaming of a better body? Here’s a secret: It’s all in your posture. In these one-on-one Pilates sessions, Julie gives you a challenging workout while teaching you about anatomy and making minor adjustments to your form that will eliminate “problem areas” for good.


Fascia release massage

$140.00/60 mins. 


Key to just about every musculoskeletal function, fascia is the muscular framework that encompasses your muscles and organs. When this connective tissue is functional, it is fluid and smooth, helping muscles move freely without pain and fatigue. When it is dysfunctional, fascia gets bumpy and hard, restricting movement in the body and causing stiffness and pain. Releasing it manually is the most effective, long-lasting way to get it working properly again.




$95.00/60 mins. 


Do you feel blocked or stuck? Do you have low energy or mild pain? Reiki can help identify areas of your body (and often, in the mind) that need attention. This simple technique is a hands-on, relaxed session where I will intuitively follow your flow of energy and provide insight into how to best move forward in your holistic wellness program. 


*Contact me for package rates (24 hrs cancellation noticed required per my cancellation policy)