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Meet Julie Turner of Pilates and Movement

I specialize in helping people discover the source of their pain and uncover faulty movement patterns by using a combination of Fascia Release and exercises derived from Pilates and dance technique. The goal is to help them get back to doing what they love as quickly as possible. I am well-versed in all exercise techniques and I teach people how to get the most out of their favorite activities and minimize their risk for injuries in the future. I also provide self-care tools and so they feel confident to continue the work on their own.
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I Fell Six Stories—And I'm Still Dancing

I have a dancer friend in California, Julie Turner, that I Skype with regularly. Every time we talk, she basically gives me a private dance class. I've also attended a workshop with AXIS Dance Company, for disabled and able-bodied dancers. I've been able to start performing and choreographing more. Dance has not left my life; it just took a detour. 
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The Secret to Kerry Washington’s Balancing Act

The secret to Kerry Washington’s balancing act: How the Scandal star stays cool, calm, and totally in control. (August 2015)

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Inspirational Entrepreneur: Julie Turner

Driven by the mission to inspire women to reach their highest physical potential through self-love and encouragement, Julie works with her clients through Pilates, dance and fascia release. Her interview inspires us to recognize our value and worth and to embrace our mistakes as learning experiences. 

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7 Beauty secrets I learned from Kerry Washington: How to smile like a pro with out saying ‘prune.’ (July 2015)

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