Low back pain relief in 30 days $199

Back pain doesn’t have to be a part of your life!

Millions of people suffer from chronic low back pain. It's achy and nagging and has become so common that it's regarded as a natural part of life.

Having low back pain can prevent you from living life the way you want, keep you from engaging in healthy exercise routines, make you lose sleep at night, and cause you to feel sluggish and irritable.

What if I told you it doesn't have to be like that? What if you could find a way to feel great and enjoy the things you love?

In this 30-day program, that you can do online, you will learn where your pain is coming from, how to heal from it and move it out of your body for good!

You'll get 11 videos and 3 PDF files including:
-the anatomy of the back and hips
-common back pain causes
-stretches, fascia release techniques, and exercises to heal
-routines that will progress in difficulty as you get stronger
-a planned out 30 day calendar to keep you on task
-email correspondence with me for any questions that come up!

Feel like yourself again in less than a week! $39

-Feeling stressed, sluggish, or stuck in a funk? 
-Have you gotten off-track with your exercise program and don’t know how to get back?  
-Are you going through a break-up, or just feeling stressed at work? 
-Maybe your life just feels overwhelming right now.  Whatever has got you down, I’ve got a solution!

My 5 day fitness restart is a program that will awaken your body, mind, and soul. It highlights your physical edge so you know where to direct your focus to get back in your groove.  

What you’ll get: 5 work out videos- each has a theme designed specifically to redirect your focus, challenge your body, and bring you back to center again.

By day 5, you’ll fee

- In better shape
- Centered
- Energized
- More Focused
- Clear
- Ready to face challenges 

Chair Exercises For People With Physical Limitations $20

This video is perfect for you if:

-you have physical limitations that keep you from exercising
-you are recovering from an illness or injury
-you are advanced in your years

You'll get help with your posture, balance, abdominal control, and muscle toning.

**Anatomy of breathing video included for FREE**