Why I dance in my kitchen everyday…and you should too!

Ever since I can remember, I have been dancing in my kitchen.  From my first house as a child, to Mississippi, New York, and to the apartment I live in now in Los Angeles.  

Why the kitchen?  I don’t know why actually…but maybe it has something to do with the kitchen being the heart of the home…

Or maybe it started when I was a kid and the kitchen was where my mom and sisters would hang out so that’s always just where I was too…All I know is that, at this point, it would be strange for me NOT to have a space in my home for dancing.

I have no routine or rules. I just put on whatever music I’m into that day and start moving.  The beauty of it is that I am completely alone.  There are no judgments or expectations.  I can dance to whatever cheesy song I want to and in any cheesy way.  Sometimes I practice being a “real dancer”.  I’ll work on my balance, or my turns, or a difficult move I have yet to conquer in my 30 years as a dancer.  At other times, I just bounce around the room like a three-year-old.  At all times, I am in a place of complete freedom and self discovery.  I think about my friends and loved ones and I can search my heart for their presence.For me, movement is the connection to the world and others in it.  I understand people by the way they carry themselves.  I know the relationships and emotions created by different parts of the body and I know how that affects our interactions with each other.  I can also uncover my own past and clear the way for a brighter future when I move.  Movement is a place for self-discovery.  This is the underlying reason that dancing is the best form of exercise.  People say it all the time, but I’m not sure they understand why.  To put it as Martha Graham did, “The body says what words cannot.”  Moving your whole body to music you love can be exhilarating, challenging, cleansing, and transformational.

And that’s why I believe you should dance too!  Dance is freedom.  It is joy.  But it also gets your heart pumping and endorphins flowing.  It’s an excellent work out that you can do while in your own home. You can also enjoy it, do it in your own time, forget your worries, not feel self-conscious, and get just as good of a work out as you would in a gym, if not better.

I am a dancer, since the age of 3, so it is my bliss.  It is such an integral part of me that I actually feel like I’m someone else when I’m NOT doing it.  And while I believe you should dance for my own biased reasons, I guess I can live with it if it isn’t as FOR you as it is FOR me.  If that’s what you are thinking right now I at least encourage you to do this. Find that special something that you love to do, whatever your equivalent to dancing in the kitchen is, and do it as often as you can.