Private Pilates Sessions

60 mins.


Dreaming of a better body?  Here’s a little secret:  it’s all in your posture.  In these Pilates sessions, I will give you a kick-ass work out while teaching you about anatomy and making minor adjustments to your form that will eliminate your “problem areas” for good!


Manual fascia release + Pilates sessions

90 mins.


If you have chronic pain and stiffness that gets in the way of your work out, you might need this manual release work.  In these sessions, we will spend half the time on release work and the other half doing Pilates.  It’s like a massage and an energizing work out combined!

*What is myofascial release?  Fascia is the connective tissue system in your body.  It surrounds and encases all of your muscles and organs while connecting them to other structures in the body.  When it is functional, fascia is fluid and smooth and it helps the muscles move freely with out too much pain or fatigue.  When it is dysfunctional, it gets bumpy and hard, restricting movement in the body and causing stiffness and pain.  Releasing it manually is the most effective and long-lasting way to get it working properly again


Prenatal Pilates:

60 mins.


Staying happy and healthy during pregnancy is important for you and your baby.  Pilates is the perfect form of exercise to keep you feeling great while preparing your body and training the muscles you need for delivery.


Postpartum Pilates

60 mins.


It’s normal to feel like you have a different body after having your baby.  I definitely did. But I also discovered a few secrets about reconnecting to my body that I will share with you to help you feel balanced again in these movement sessions that combine Pilates, dance, and rehab fitness.


Ballet Barre

60 mins.


If you enjoy a barre work out, you should try my ballet barre.  Authentic ballet steps and dance conditioning to work your body the way real dancers do.  You are guaranteed to feel your body in a way you’ve never felt it before!


*24 hrs cancellation noticed required.  *check our cancellation policy

 “I started working with Julie Turner hoping to transform my body; I had no idea that my heart & my spirit would be invited along for the ride too. Each session has brought me closer to true balance both in my body & in my life. I find myself applying what we've worked on together to an infinitely varied array of situations or issues day to day, &  her instruction continues to resonate in such surprising & helpful ways. Working with Julie is one of the best things I've ever done for myself- mind, soul, & (yes, most definitely) body!” - BELLAMY YOUNG