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I'm a  movement expert who is passionate about improving peoples' quality of life. By releasing tension, opening tightness, healing injuries, and creating better range of motion, you will be inspired to love your body and take better care of yourself through movement. The result is greater ease on physical, mental, and emotional levels.

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“When I was a dancer living in New York, I was really hard on my body and didn’t appreciate it at all. Then, I got pregnant and gained 60 pounds. Four months after Lucas was born, I was still several sizes bigger than I’d been before.

“I was in a dressing room with my son, having a meltdown about my body, and he started to cry. I looked at him and realized the only way I could be the mother I wanted to be is if I love myself, completely and unconditionally, no matter what. From there, I changed my life."

"I learned to appreciate who I am and treat myself with kindness—and my body has responded. I want to guide my clients to the same discoveries."



Julie has more than 16 years’ experience in ballet, modern and social dance, Pilates, yoga, and manual fascia release. Her career began as a professional dancer in New York City after she earned a bachelor’s degree in fine arts. She performed regularly with various modern dance companies and acted as the resident dancer for a living art installation in Manhattan. While in New York, she began to understand the healing powers of movement through her opportunities as a performer and her work as a social dance and Pilates instructor.

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Inspired to continue her education, Julie completed teacher training programs in Pilates, dance, and energy healing. Her certifications include comprehensive Pilates Mat with Steele Pilates, a 500-hour comprehensive Pilates certificate with Balance Body University, and Social Dance Certification with Start Dancing NYC, and Reiki from Reiki master, Jamie Wozny. She holds continuing education certificates prenatal/post-partum Pilates, sports conditioning, osteoporosis, scoliosis, sciatica, S-I dysfunction, and myo-fascia release. She also holds a certificate in Body Brain Connect, which bridges the fields of brain science and movement practice.